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Lafayette Commercial Construction Services

How We Build and Deliver 

There are several different ways we build for Louisiana commercial property owners, depending on what is best for them, not us. While some Lafayette commercial builders are just general contractors, Chase Group Construction offers pre-construction consulting and is known for the value we provide during our design build process. Whether you have architectural plans in hand, or you need help turning a napkin sketch into reality, we've got you covered. 



Demolition is a construction service that involves the tearing down or dismantling of existing structures and removing the resulting debris. This service may be required for a variety of reasons, such as clearing the way for new construction, removing hazardous materials or unsafe structures, or repurposing a site. Demolition contractors typically use heavy equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and wrecking balls, to bring down buildings and other structures safely and efficiently. After the demolition is complete, the contractor will typically remove any remaining debris and perform site cleanup to prepare the area for future use. Demolition services may also include environmental remediation, such as removing asbestos or other hazardous materials from the site.


Tenant Build Out 

Most retail and office buildings start out with tenant spaces consisting of little more than four walls and a door. The idea is that the tenant spaces will be finished to meet the specific needs of each tenant. The process of constructing and completing this raw space is known as the “build-out.”


At Chase Group, we can help to identify what is most important for your design and build within your budget. Whether you have medical, office, mall, industrial, or a national chain space that needs a build-out, we are ready to tackle your project.

In the tenant build-out phase you have the freedom to choose flooring, office sizes, paint colors, trim, kitchen space, or any other desired change to space. If you need help identifying lease space, we can help facilitate your needs as well. We have a real estate broker on staff to find the space you need for your business.

Fat Pats Bar and Grill Restaurant.HEIC

Build to Suit Construction

Build to suit is a method of construction that involves a tenant wishing to occupy a certain type of building, but they do not wish to own that specific building or land; hence they wish to lease the building from the owner. We provide many options for tenants based on our past clients. You may have blueprints to a specific build-out or you may need advice of how to construct your structure, which Chase Group can provide. We have sets of blueprints for you to look at or consult with us to originate your needs in a building. Also, we can consult with an architect to view more options.We will pay for all of the construction to meet your specifications. We also can provide several options in leasing terms to fit your needs. We understand that there are different budgets and requirements to be met, and we are here to help facilitate a budget to work for you.

Steel Erection and Commercial Roofing

Steel erection is a vital service in the construction industry that involves the installation of steel components to create the structural frame of buildings and other structures. We have the equipment and crews that specialize in steel erection with all components such as canopies, mezzanine decks, pavilions, and custom enclosures for security. This process requires skilled professionals who are trained in the safe handling and assembly of steel components, which can range from simple beams and columns to complex trusses and arches. The process typically begins with the delivery of the steel components to the construction site, where they are lifted into place using cranes and other heavy equipment. Once in position, the components are secured to each other and to the foundation of the building using a variety of fasteners and welding techniques. Steel erection is an essential service that plays a critical role in the successful completion of many construction projects, including commercial buildings, bridges, and other large structures.

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