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Civil Division

Civil Construction Services for Louisiana

The newly established Civil Division will specialize in a wide array of civil construction services, enhancing Chase Group Construction's ability to offer end-to-end solutions to its clients. This expansion will enable the company to seamlessly integrate site development, infrastructure construction, and other civil construction services into its existing design-build approach. By bringing together these key elements under one umbrella, Chase Group aims to streamline the construction process, optimize project timelines, and deliver under budget!

“Chase Group Civil Division represents the next step in our strategic plan to reach peak efficiencies and dependability by having more owned machinery and construction equipment. The Lafayette, Youngsville, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, and more Louisiana markets will benefit from our knowledge of the land and extensive experience managing a variety of construction processes while adding value to our core commercial Design/ Build service offerings." 

Chase Landry, founder of Chase Group Construction

Chase Group Civil Division offers professional services including: 


  • Site preparation: Clearing, grading, and excavation.

  • Foundation work: Footings, slabs, and piling.

  • Structural components: Concrete and steel frame construction.

  • Road and pavement: Grading, asphalt, and concrete paving.

  • Utility infrastructure: Water, sewer, and drainage systems.

  • Landscaping: Green space development and walkways.

  • Environmental remediation: Site cleanup and erosion control.

  • Demolition: Controlled building and structure removal.

  • Land development: Subdivision and infrastructure planning.

  • Retaining walls: Construction and stabilization.

  • Site amenities: Installation of lighting and signage.

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Licenced, insured, and backed by 17 years of experience, Chase Group Civil Division is ready to tackle your infrastructure project. 

Put Chase Group Civil Contractors to Work for You

Chase Group's Civil Division is currently working on projects across Acadiana. The division’s focus on planning, process improvement and technology sets them apart from the competition. A strong infrastructure is the very foundation of development and restoration in local communities, and as budgets tighten, consumer pressure demands dollars are spent more wisely. That's why it’s important to choose an Acadiana civil construction company that delivers in three critical areas: schedule, cost and quality. Request a call from our Civil Division team to request a bid today. 

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