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Commercial Land Investment Guide

 Louisiana Land Development

If you own land in Louisiana or want to invest in commercial property development in Acadiana, we can help you maximize your investment with insider knowledge of the process we've gained over the last 17 years. Before you commit to a budget or design, consult with Chase Group to explore all of your potential options and learn a few leverage tools of the local commercial land investment trade. Smart business owners and investors minimize their risk and maximize their passive income potential with strategic land deals.

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Commercial Land Cost in Louisiana- Investment Tips Learned from Experience


When investing in commercial land, seasoned developers know it's important to consider all of the hidden cost factors involved and think of the full long-term potential of a piece of property. While cost per acre is important, building a profitable land development project is about more than land price. Here are a few insider tips to help you make the most informed commercial land investment in Southwest Louisiana.

  • Buying a bigger lot than you need and then either selling off unused property or building an income-generating commercial rental property can often lead to greater profitability.

  • To ensure maximum profit from your project, it's essential to work with a design build company that has experience in land development, not just construction.

  • Pre-construction land development costs can be significant, but making profit-based decisions based on long-term goals will pay off in the end.

  • Look for a forward-thinking builder/developer who can identify opportunities that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

  • Don't dismiss a property solely because it has an existing structure on it - demolition costs in Louisiana are often less than expected.

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Commercial Land Investment Process- We Consult from Start to Finish

Chase Group Construction has decades of experience developing South Louisiana land parcels into commercial building sites and industrial facilities. If you are considering purchasing one or more acres in the Acadiana region, give the Chase Group team an opportunity to assist you with expertise and local insights. 

  1. Establishing Goals

  2. Formulating Budget and Strategy

  3. Finding Land

  4. Evaluate Land for Investment Potential

  5. Subdivide and Sell Excess Land for Profit

  6. Design and Pre-construction

  7. Permits

  8. Construction

LA Commercial Site Development and Pre-Construction: What Happens Before the Build


Building a new commercial property can be an exciting and profitable endeavor, but it requires careful planning before any construction can begin. With so many aspects to consider, it's important to have a solid plan in place before breaking ground on your new investment. Below are some crucial steps to be aware of if you're planning to invest in land development build on commercial property in Southwest Louisiana.

Zoning: The first step in any commercial project is to ensure that the property is zoned for commercial use. Zoning determines what type of activities will be allowed on the property and whether or not the property can be rezoned. It's important to check with local zoning authorities to determine what zoning allowances are in place for your chosen property.


Site Evaluation: Before any construction can begin, an extensive site evaluation needs to be carried out. This includes surveying the property, testing the soil composition, and assessing the overall topography of the site. It's important to complete this step before any other work can commence as it can significantly impact the design and build of the property. During this stage, it is important to evaluate the land for the best possible subdivision opportunities and building locations. This can involve conducting a thorough analysis of the surrounding market and establishing any specific needs for the property.




Survey: A survey is a detailed map that outlines the exact boundaries of the property. It is essential for obtaining permits, avoiding boundary disputes, and determining easement rights.


Accessibility: When evaluating potential commercial properties, it's important to assess whether there is enough space for a drive-thru or other customer access points. This can have a significant impact on the design of the property, including parking and traffic flow.

4 Mistakes Investors Make When Developing Commercial Property in South Louisiana

Commercial property investments can be highly rewarding when done right. Investors must take their time in researching the market and the property, and understand the potential for growth and additional income streams. Ignoring these factors can lead to costly mistakes and financial loss. Investing in commercial property requires careful planning and analysis, so it's essential to avoid these common pitfalls.


Ignoring the importance of location for long-term ROI

Location is key when it comes to commercial property investments and there is a reason certain retail locations have high vacancy. Ever heard of the Johnston St. curse? It’s important to research the location thoroughly, including flood risks based on experience as well as maps. Investors must also understand the local community and its preferences to ensure the business is well aligned with what the community needs. 

Not buying enough land to maximize the investment

Businesses grow, and commercial property investors should factor that into their investment decisions. Not buying enough land for future expansion or additional parking areas could be a costly mistake. Even if you don't serve the public directly, many Louisiana businesses require equipment and additional storage may be needed as new capital is acquired. Investors should consider the long-term growth of the business when buying property.

Not factoring in all potential commercial income streams

Investors should consider the potential for additional income streams when investing in commercial property. It's crucial to maximize the return on investment. For example, a mall may have additional space for a hotel or a small office building to produce additional income. Considering these additional income streams while building the primary business will help the investors diversify income and take the burden off the primary business.

Not understanding parish laws and zoning regulations

Commercial property investments come with their own unique set of laws and regulations, ranging from environmental regulations to zoning laws. Louisiana has a well deserved reputation for red tape and commercial land investors must hire a developer with local experience working within these regulations to ensure their development complies to avoid legal trouble.

Commercial Property for Sale Near Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Baton Rouge

Contact us today to see properties have been hand-selected as potential options for high-ROI commercial buildings and/or subdividing for maximum profit. Not sure where to start with a large tract of land? That's where we come in. From land hunting to lender connections, Chase Group Construction manages commercial investment projects that seem daunting but flow smoothly with proper preparation!  

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