At Chase Group Construction, we pride ourselves in maximizing value of retail construction and retail construction clients, consistently delivering exceptional turnkey projects, no matter the conditions. We bring a mindset that’s relentless in finding and evaluating efficiencies. Another key to our success for our retail clients is our ability to assess and understand retail market conditions at a given time and find solutions that control or reduce costs. Whether it’s a light renovation to an existing retail space or a new building, Chase Group Construction understands that your investment is capital waiting to go to work.

Modern retail construction

The retail industry is changing and those who keep up with the trends and understand what exact trends that consumers really want will win the game. As technology continues to innovated and bring consumers an easier way to purchase without having to leave the couch, the physical brick and mortar stores will have to build inviting, creative, and interesting experiences for consumers to engage rather than sit at home with ecommerce. At Chase Group Construction, we address each retail construction project as its own unique project. Whether you’re building a new structure or retrofitting an existing structure or mall, we have the team that can deliver all that’s on your shopping list.

Building retail structures with the shopping experience in mind

Typically retail buildings and centers are built from steel which is cost effective and quicker to erect than traditional stick built structures. Many department stores or shopping markets need large open floor plans to showcase their products in a way the customers can easily maneuver while enjoying the shopping experience. Steel can span long distances without the support of columns, allowing the large open areas for tenants to enjoy.

Whatever your store’s particular specialty – clothing, office supplies, sporting goods, or any other goods – your new retail building from Chase Group Construction can be configured to the most efficient layout. And since steel is non-combustible, it will not burn. In fact, many insurance companies recognize the inherent durability and safety provided by a steel building. Some insurance companies may offer policy savings to businesses who utilize steel buildings.

Identifying key aspects of establishing retail businesses

Today's retail market is much more competitive. The experience in shopping has to be the number one goal when establishing your business model. As retail become more competitive with online retailers such as Amazon and others, your retail space needs to provide an unique experience for those customers to value your store over simply ordering online items from competitors. Other factors to consider are the amount of space actually needed for that experience, your store front design, and space management with your inventory. Storing large amounts of inventory may be better managed on an offsite storage facility with today's cost of leasing and building cost from market fluctuations. Storage units are much less expensive per square foot when compared to the square footage built into a full retail space. This idea may or may not work, but it deserves a further investigation to ensure your business is running a lean as possible. Our goal is to set our customers up for success because if they win, then we will win from future expansion and/or referrals which creates a better outcome for all parties. If you are looking for a location to establish your business, then you should first consider your market to identify the best location. Once there is an anchor business set in a particular area, that usually spawns other businesses to follow and feed from the main anchor foot traffic. It is a game of establishing where the consumers are flocking.You may choose to build a retail center as a real estate investment, which when done correctly is a lucrative business. When considering to purchase land to build, you may want to consider building a few more units to your building to lease to other prospective tenants to gain return on your investment in a shorter time period as opposed to owning one unit.

With a professional property management company, this investment could be a lot easier than you think. With Chase Group, we constantly communicate with landowners and retail center owners to better understand future locations for our customers to find a new location.

Choosing Chase Group for your retail construction needs

Using Chase Group for your retail store build or remodel is the first step to success in your venture. We bring quality, accuracy, and most importantly communication with you to every remodeling project we work on. We work with you to find out exactly what you are looking for in your retail store and make sure that the building phase stays on track.

As leaders in the construction industry we have the experience and knowledge needed to execute any architectural layout. Our reputation speaks for us, showing our high level of expertise and dedication to even the smallest amount of detail. We guarantee quality workmanship with our construction services. Our main goal is to execute every construction project safely and on schedule, and to ensure that all the needs of our clients are satisfied.