Medical & Healthcare Office Construction

Medical building construction takes specific knowledge and brings unique challenges which we take on with confidence working with the same engineers and architects to bring our customers a first class facility. We realize that there are many details that are specific only to your industry and Chase Group focuses on those details only. In the medical industry, there are many types of air and fluid requirements which are designed by our engineers who work with our plumbing supervisors to perfect every inch. There are many specifications to consider with your medical facility as well. Many times there are water treatment systems, emergency backup generator systems, advanced security systems, elevator requirements, oxygen systems, etc.

Expanding your medical practice in the Lafayette area?

Choosing to build your medical facility comes with a few questions. Where do you want to locate? How do you want your facility to appear to the public? How close in proximity do you want to be to other physicians? Do you want to add ancillary services to your practice? You may want to obtain exclusivity on lease space to restrict other physicians from moving next door. Accessibility and parking areas are also another consideration in the medical industry as well. There needs to be access from major roadways for your patients to find you easily. When considering a parking area, you must consider that patients will be entering and exiting all day long so plan to accommodate for this when designing your building. Most cities have ordinances to regulate a set minimum number of parking spots for every thousand square feet of building space to help with this formula.

Chase Group builds with specific clientele in mind

A trend in the medical field lately has been for medical offices to be located in a mixed use development with modern architecture which appears to be more inviting and appealing to the public. The simple use of brick and stucco finishes are becoming old news. If you notice, there are more architectural aluminum panel and/or all glass façade buildings being built in the medical industry across the country. There is also compact high-pressure laminate cellulose based board which brings a sleek finish with tough endurance to the outdoor elements. Stainless steel is another material that is becoming more popular among architects when designing medical facilities. More doctors and physicians are seeking these types of facilities to gain more market share while staying in tune with the trend. Offer more services, make more money

Ancillary services are becoming the new trend in doctors’ offices today. Doctors want patients to come to one facility and enjoy more services that are convenient. Ancillary services include imaging centers, physical therapists, MRI’s, outpatient surgery centers, sleep labs, and other diagnostic treatments. Doctors are seeking to build facilities that provide extra space for these services because it provides more revenue from one building otherwise not captured in the traditional sense.