Industrial Construction

The commercial and industrial building sector can cover a large variety of building systems. Commercially, there are such facilities as storage facilities, office buildings, supply shops, etc. Industrial buildings can be any of one many industrial types such as a warehouse, brewery, sawmill, distillery, drilling rig, etc.

Building the space you need

The industrial industry is here today in a large part because of the industrial revolution which created some of the most recognized iconic buildings made of steel which we see in today’s world. The demanding needs of factories and large scale business created the need for stronger structures to span longer distances and create more open space for business owners.

We build for stability and aesthetics

Commercial and industrial buildings don’t have to be generic and boring. There are many options to create a beautiful building by using brick, stucco, specialty woods, stainless steel, etc., to give your building appearance a first class presentation. With the use of façade and mansard systems with our metal buildings, Chase Group can create the look you want to stand out from the competition. We have the ability to show you these options before any contracts are signed.

Overhead cranes are carrying the load

Whether you need to produce canned beer or build cars, there is a steel structure that Chase Group can facilitate for your needs. We can evaluate your needs for such items as an overhead crane to determine the building crane usage, frequency, and severity classifications. It is very important to estimate the correct amount of weight that will be handled in the facility every day to correctly design your load capacity.

We understand storage is a key component to your business

One of the many items requested in metal buildings are often storage management systems. These systems are in place for you to be able to operate the business while having your inventory safely organized and out of the way.

One very popular item in a metal building facility is a mezzanine deck. A mezzanine deck is an intermediate floor between the main floor and the ceiling and/or floor above. It serves as a location for storage of materials and tools as needed. Most of the time a mezzanine deck is constructed free-standing so that it may be relocated if operations inside of a building change over time. These decks are ideal for structures with high roof lines. Decking options can range from steel and OSB tongue and groove plywood to concrete over steel decking, but all of which is set on a main steel frame structure.

The different types of top side material of a mezzanine deck are utilized when there is a need for something specific. For example, the high density composite flooring would be ideal for pallet jacks, carts and dollies to smoothly roll over while moving items over the deck. On the other hand, there may be a need for more airflow and sight through the deck resulting in using a steel grading material. The strongest style is the 4” concrete over thick steel decking which can be used for heavy point loading and capacity is required. This method is also the most durable.

Chase Group can custom design and deliver any of these systems to better organize your business.