Food Service Construction

The food service industry is changing from years ago. The business is competitive, profits margins are thin, and consumers are more curious about what is in their food more than ever. Becoming more efficient and improving food safety has never been more important.

Building affordably with our knowledge

Restaurants are seeking ways to create an inviting atmosphere and an overall enjoyable experience for their customers. At Chase Group we pride ourselves in value-engineering your building meaning that we look at alternate ways to build other than the dollar amount that a sometimes-expensive taste architect has in mind. We look at the practical use and budget cost first, then we consider the finishes of the building later. We want to make the building affordable with alternative options to build. There are many cost saving methods that we often implement into a building that were previously designed much more expensively. For example, by reducing a steel structure by one linear foot, you may be able to save an extra main column and save several thousand dollars. This is called value engineering. As experienced builders, we know where there are exceptions to create changes to a structure without sacrificing aesthetics or function. These changes save you money to use for other areas of your business.

Building a restaurant with restaurant consultants is the way to go

When considering building a restaurant, you first need to know your requirements of space and functionality. We at Chase Group can sit down with you to begin a working draft of the plans that may change over time as your design evolves. It is important to seek a good team of food service consultants to help design the layout and aesthetics of your new building.

A restaurant consultant can better guide you to an efficient layout that caters to better customer satisfaction and function. These consultants can better describe how and why your seating should be a particular fashion or why your lighting should be dimmer. The advice you will receive from a professional consultant will help you to develop the proper design upfront in the building process.

It is important to plan for the right design in the beginning so there are no added costs for changes down the road. Another great professional to consider hiring would be a “back of the house” or kitchen consultant. This consultant will help layout kitchen equipment in the most efficient manner while saving costs on unnecessary items. They will understand the brands, function, space requirements, and specifications for such utilities as natural gas, water, and electricity.

All of these details will play a role in how your building will be designed and constructed. Venting is an important function in the business and sometimes requires certain blower fans and/or exhaust motors which can change how the kitchen is designed.

Plan the work, work the plan

After understanding all of the specifications needed from the food service consultants, we can more accurately estimate the cost of the building. We as a professional construction company have consulted with restaurant consultants whom have given us valuable information to better serve this industry. We work with our architect to develop a unique structure for each customer.