Design and Construction of Commercial Buildings 


What is design-build? Design build is the process of one company like a construction company that provides the owner with the design and construction of a project making it easier for the owner because of only having one point of contact to make all decisions. This reduces the risk to the owner as well because of one entity taking on the responsibility instead of the owner spreading his risk over to an architect firm and also a builder separately. When issues arise in a design-build process, the owner only has to go to one point of contact to solve all issues. In any construction project having one point of contact to handle the entire process will greatly reduce the possibility for misunderstandings or errors on the project.



As Chase Group works with many architect design teams and engineers, we provide owners with the initial design, financial budget, and construction of a project. We provide plans to the owner while going over preferences of design and needs to fit their company specifically. We produce a set of drawings and if satisfactory, we then proceed to permitting to begin construction. If there are revisions to be made from preference changes, then we take as much time as needed to satisfy the client. We work with you on the design and cost of the project until you are totally satisfied to move on to the construction phase.


We are responsible for monitoring the schedule and cash flow, applying for building permits, providing temporary utilities on the project site, managing the many different subcontractors or personnel on site, providing site engineering and surveying, disposing of construction debris, and quality control. We are also responsible for providing all material, labor, equipment, and any services required for the construction of your particular project.


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