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Commercial Demolition Company Services

Often, we demolish commercial buildings, warehouses, storage buildings, retail buildings, and other commercial structures. In many cases, we work very close to other buildings that will remain so we have experience in keeping the wanted buildings safe while demolishing the unwanted structures. We can help with disconnections of the utilities prior to demolition also if needed to make sure all safety measures are being taken.

We can demolish the entire building only leaving the concrete parking or foundation if deemed usable to the customer. We can also demolish the entire building and all foundation with underground utilities if needed also depending on your re-development needs.

Commercial demolition stands the purpose of re-utilizing land in ways that result in restoring values of properties used for buying and selling goods. You may have an existing property with an 80-year old building in disrepair that could otherwise be utilized for a new shopping center or apartment buildings. You may want to re-purpose the land in ways that better monetary returns are possible or you may just want to enjoy the additional square footage of raw land. Demolition allows owners to re-value the property whereas other buyers are willing to pay more money for a property with a blank canvas. In some cases, the older building structure can be utilized in some ways partially without demolishing the entire building and a renovation can take place. Let our team help you evaluate which process is more profitable for you.


Residential Demolition Company Services

Many times we demolish residential structures due to fire, flooding, or rebuilding purposes. We have the ability to safely disconnect all of the utilities if needed to properly demolish the structure in a safe manner. The time frame for a residential structure demolition project is typically one to two days maximum with regrading of the land after we complete the demolition scope of work. Whether your demolition project requires removal of a home on concrete foundation, mobile home, storage shed, metal building, home on piers, or any residential structure, we are equipped to handle the job.

If there are concrete driveways or foundations that you wish to keep, we can leave all concrete in place. However, if you need all foundation and underground utilities removed to start from scratch then we are equipped to remove all concrete and utilities as well. If you have canopies or patio covers that you wish to keep that are attached to your demolition project, then we can safely remove these items prior to demolition so they can be utilized for the new structure.


Clearing Trees From Your Land

As part of our services in demolition, we have the ability to remove all of the trees and shrubs from your property no matter how many acres you have. We can clear your site and grade the dirt level to be ready for a new home, commercial building, industrial site, or any use. We can help you select certain trees that you choose to remain on the site while clearing all others if requested. Upon clearing trees off of your property, we often assist in hauling in more dirt to fill in low areas from root balls. When clearing trees, our customers often ask us to dig a pond which we can also perform upon request and the dirt can be used in other areas of the property or hauled off if needed depending on the quality of the soil.


Buildings and Materials Containing Asbestos

Asbestos is classified as "Special Waste" under LDEQ solid waste regulations. Any construction materials containing 1% or more asbestos by weight or even contaminated with asbestos will require special handling and transporting as set out in LDEQ regulations. These asbestos or other hazardous materials can only be disposed of in landfills that have been approved to accept asbestos-containing waste materials. Mishandling of asbestos may also be a violation of regulations which could result in fines or cause health problems to others.

If asbestos-containing materials are in good condition, they don’t pose a health hazard. The best way to deal with this substance is to leave it in place and work around it, if possible. However, if a building contains asbestos, demolition of the building requires that all asbestos be removed prior to demolition. At your demolition site location, items containing asbestos include but are not limited to these materials: HVAC heating/AC insulation, wall panels/wallboard, adhesive joint compounds, mastics, decorative plasters, floor tiles of many types and vinyl sheet flooring, asbestos containing siding and roofing products and fireproofing.

We can help in the process of identifying the hazardous containing materials by contacting an abatement team to test the materials and create a plan to remove any materials if needed.


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